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Here at Ligature, I personally take pride in the sourcing of our coffees. I really desire to source coffees that are equitable for everyone involved. Over the years, that has formed a rubric of sorts and questions I ask when gauging who I am want to work with and source from.


How far back can I trace the coffee to its origin? Is it only as far back as mill? Auction lot? Farmer/Producer? etc.


Does the price I am paying proportionately reflect what the farmer is getting paid?

There is a lot of things tacked on by whoever is sourcing to the final price roasters pay for coffee. And that is usually okay - we are all trying to get bills paid - but is the farmer being allowed adequate profit margins? Just because a coffee is expensive, doesn't always mean a farmer is getting paid fairly.


What are each persons involved best practices on the farm or when buying?

Practices like: Sustainable agronomy/agricultural practices, price floors, micro-financing, etc.

Information Transparency

How much information is everyone in the supply chain willing to provide about this final product we are all taking part in?

It has been exciting to over the years work with both small and large producers and importers. I have been slowly but surely piecing together a wonderful group of contacts and friends all over the world that help source and create amazing, consistent, and high quality coffee. All the while, doing it with a wholistic view of the supply chain with both producers and consumers in mind.

Some of Our Sourcing Partners
Sun Dog Trading Co/Baho Coffee
Shared Source
Crop to Cup
Yellow Rooster Coffee

You'll see on every coffee page, detailed sourcing information. Our desire is to put this information upfront and clear, however I also understand this numbers can mean nothing to you, feel free to reach out and I'd be happy to talk about each number and it's value, and as always, if I dont know the answer, I probably know someone who does.

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