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How do you Source your coffee?

We’re so glad you asked! Sourcing well is very close to the heart of Ligature because we believe in putting the producers we work with front and center when it comes to the final product. That is why you will see their own names, their farm names, or their cooperative names on the bags of coffee. We also believe in the utmost transparency in our sourcing practices. Take a glance over at our Transparency page for more details!


How do you roast your coffee?

We roast our coffee lightly with the two main intents:
1. no roast defects
2. to have the pure unique qualities of the coffee shine throughWe try to have a no nonsense approach to how we want the coffee to taste. Generally if the coffee says chocolate or full bodied, you will find that easily in the cup. We try to stay away from some of the more eclectic tasting notes that are hard to communicate or just leave you staring at the bag confused.


What brew methods do you suggest?

Whatever you have on hand! As long as you are grinding properly (right before brewing), using good water, and using a good recipe, it will all taste delicious! While we personally use a v60 pour over cone in the warehouse, no brewing device is superior to another. If you want, we have a few brewing guides you can take a look at.


How do I store my coffee?

Try to leave your coffee unground, in an airtight container, & in a cool/dry place. Coffee should last in that state for at least 2 weeks after roast date without losing any quality.

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