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V60-Cone Filter

This is how we at Ligature Coffee brew coffee with a Hario V60 Cone Filter.

What you’ll need: filters, pour over set, something to brew in(carafe/glass), scale, water, ground coffee, timer.

Ratio: 1:16

Coffee: 20g
Water: 320g

  1. We are going to heat up the water and pre-wet the filter in our v60.
  2. Tare your scale and put coffee grounds in the filter.
  3. After starting the timer we are going to do our “bloom”. This is where we pour a small amount hot water over the grounds to release trapped gasses created by the roasting process. Pour 50grams of hot water over the grounds for the bloom.
  4. Immediately after pouring the hot water, you are going to want to stir the coffee with a spoon to make sure the grounds are fully wet.
  5. Wait 30 seconds.
  6. After waiting 30 seconds, you are going to pour 90 more grams of water at a slow consistent speed, for 10 seconds.
  7. Wait 10 seconds
  8. After the 10 seconds, you are going to pour your next 90 grams the same way as the last one. Always use circular motions while pouring to keep the entire slurry an even temp and also to help create even extraction.
  9. Wait 10 more seconds
  10. Start your last 90 grams of water, finishing the total water amount at 320 grams.
  11. You should try to be done pouring the total amount of water around the 1:50 mark
  12. Let the coffee drip the rest of the way out.

You should aim for your total brew time for this drink to finish between 3-3:30 minutes. If it is going too quick, make your grind finer. If it is going too slow, coarsen up your grind.

Taste and evaluate!

Barista tip: Keep water and coffee amount the same, but change number of times you start and stop pouring. This additional/less agitation will help change extraction while not changing dilution(strength).

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