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French Press

What you’ll need - ground coffee (a little coarser than pour over), water, scale, timer, French press

Ratio: 1:16

Coffee: 30grams
Water: 480grams

This method might be one of the easiest to do and is almost foolproof.

  1. Place French press on scale and tare.
  2. Pour 30 grams of ground coffee into the French press
  3. Pour 480 grams of hot water over the grounds making sure to wet all of them well.
  4. Place lid on to the French press BUT DO NOT PRESS DOWN
  5. At the 5 minute mark, take lid off and break the crust of coffee on top with a spoon 3 times.
  6. Place lid back on the French press and press the plunger 75% down - making sure to not actually have it touch the grounds.
  7. Wait 4 more minutes! I know, surprise!
  8. Pour and enjoy

Barista Tip: The nice thing about immersion brewing is that it hits an extraction plateau at a certain point. This is because the water is losing its ability to extract additional coffee compounds as the coffee sits in the water. This means, as long as the coffee grind size is good, you wont get an over extracted cup. This specific recipe is based off of a roaster cupping recipe.

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