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Journal #1 - Where I Started

I have been roasting for a few years now—started on a stovetop/jiffy pop popcorn maker thing, then moved to a quest m3, then to a Giesen W15a. I have also had a little bit of experience roasting on a Probat P12.

I think over time I have learned so much from not only experimenting, but also all the roasting friends I have surrounded myself with. At times the sheer amount of roasting information in my head gets overwhelming, not to mention all of the competing roasting theories I have heard from everyone.

In the quest to become a better roaster, I wanted to create a space that I can come back to and log some information and thoughts, while also possibly hearing feedback from others who read it and have their own opinions.

Now, to set the stage and give some baseline info that will be mostly constant:

giesen roaster ligature coffee
  • I am roasting on a Giesen W15a from the end of 2017.
  • It has a double wall drum that is part cast iron, part aluminum.
  • It is on propane.
  • My exhaust goes from a 45 degree angle connector then straight for about 20ft, then another 45 degree connector, then out the roof.
  • It has two thermocouples, one in the lower part of the front door, and one in the exhaust right above the drum, pretty close to the charging funnel.