Some notes...

Worked as a barista for some years, had the idea for Ligature in 2016, got everything started in 2017, and have been going ever since.
A little about the vision:

I really want this entire company to be a conversation about all the things in and out of the coffee community, as well as the communities that exist in and around the coffee world. I really want to roast fantastic coffee, and I want you to taste it - however - fantastic coffee shouldn't come at the expense of other things we hold important. There are a lot of humans who partake in the supply chain of the coffee, including the consumers. In the past few years here in the US coffee world has started to really right some of the wrongs that have been going on in the old coffee world. It's exciting to watch, and I believe that all the good stuff that has happened can fuel our hope and push us even further into an equitable, empowering industry. 

I'm sure if you meet me in person you will hear me talking about all of these things and I would definitely love to hear your thoughts. Let's drink some coffee together.
We currently roast and wholesale and would love to help set up your office or shop with some coffee. Reach out for some samples.