Jose Uribe Lasso - Colombia

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Producer -  Jose Uribe Lasso
Region - Bruselas, Huila, Colombia
Varietal - Caturra
Elevation - 1750 MASL
Process - Washed

Tasting Notes - Mulling Spices, Clove, Toffee, Purple Fruits

2 day in cherry ferment, then depulped and fermented for 36 hours and washed twice. Then moved to mechanical dryer and dried to 11% humidity.

Jose, who produced this coffee, is a part of a self organized group of a producers who called themselves Los Guacharos. 

This coffee was purchased through our relationship with Shared Source, who paid an average 2,850,000 pesos per carga in parchment. The FNC price at the time was 2,044,000 pesos per carga.